Do you get caught in this entrepreneur trap?

entrepreneur trapWhether you’re a new entrepreneur or you’ve been at this online thing awhile, most entrepreneurs just start up, dive in and keep going that way.  Launching a website, diving into social media, blogging.  Doing, doing, doing,  right?

But after awhile you realize (like I did) that it’s not as easy as you thought.  There’s no instruction booklet for this online world, and it’s up to you to figure out every when, where, why and how.

Eventually you start to feel something’s missing, things just aren’t CONNECTING , but you don’t know why.  Often,  you won’t know a puzzle piece is missing until you’ve put a few of them together already. Read more

How to stay productive when you hit a slump.

How to stay productive when you hit a slump

It’s hard to stay productive sometimes, especially when you work at home, alllllllll by yourself.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there – those days when you hit a slump, feel discouraged, and have no drive or energy.  Blah.  Maybe you wake up and just want to pull the covers over your head and stay in bed all day.  Or maybe you drag your weary body to your desk, only to sit bleary eyed in front of your computer playing Candy Crush half the morning.

Your business can take a BIG bad hit from those days, and the danger is, the longer you stay in that state, the longer you stay in that state.

But don’t just take my word for it, Issac Newton created a law of physics about it.

When we consider the law of inertia, paraphrased to easy to understand language,  it says “A body at rest STAYS at rest, and a body in motion, STAYS in motion.”  So when you lose the push to stay in motion, you’re more likely to keep going down that road.  That’s so not good.

Check out the three tips below that you can use to keep from bottoming out into slump oblivion and stay in motion so you can stay in motion (and stay productive!)

Three tips to stay productive!

1.  Push yourself – away from the computer!

If you’re really stuck in a slump – move away from the computer and move that body!  It’s time for exercise!  Get your blood pumping, oxygen flowing and endorphines happenin!  It’s even better if you can get outside and get fresh air!  When you shake things up physically, lots of great things happen both physically and mentally so you can easily (and quickly) be invigorated to get back in the saddle and get back to work!  Woohoo.

2.  Short-list your day.

Making a checklist of ONLY 3 (yes three) top-priority things to do will help you stay focused and on task.  Sticking with a short list can put things into a better perspective, make them feel “do-able” and help you stay productive.  Once you’ve checked them off your list, you may find that you’re back in the swing of things and have time and inclination to do more.

3.  Do what you hate FIRST.

In his book, Eat That Frog! (a must read) Brian Tracy strongly recommends to always do the thing you like the least, FIRST.  It’s great advice because once the worst is over with, you have everything else to look forward to.  Plus, you know how it goes when there is something you don’t want to do – how clever you can be at finding unimportant things and excuses to put it off… you’ve done that too, right?  Go ahead, take a big bite and eat the frog first! (Bet you’ll never get that visual out of your head!).

There you have it, three simple, do-able tactics to get yourself out of a slump and get your productivity back!  Have you ever used any of these tips before?  Which is your favorite?   Did you get a new idea that you’re going to try next time you hit a slump?  Share your comments below!  Can’t wait to hear from you!



Something way more powerful than picking a niche…

Something way more powerful than picking a niche

Does the mere mention of picking a niche ends chills down your spine?  Because no matter how much you try, it just doesn’t seem to resonate with you inside?  It makes you feel panicky and locked in?  Maybe your niche looks good on paper and makes perfect sense, but it just doesn’t feel right – it’s not who you really are.

You know you have MORE to give.

What if I told you there is something way more powerful than picking a niche in your business?

Something that will give you a sense of relief, peace and empowerment.  Something that you feel every single day, that affirms you’re on the right path.

Trying to choose a niche is like reaching to a place outside of you.

Because the answer have been looking for is already inside of you.  You have to take a step of faith and trust yourself, because chances are, you already really know what it is you want to do.

But you’ve been ignoring it.  Going against what your gut tells you.  Doing things the way you think you ought to do them.

But that powerful something is begging for you to listen, to trust yourself and to let it out – it’s your gift.

Your calling.  That thing that is so woven into your spirit that the mere thought of it is like a sigh of relief, knowing that’s where the heart of your business REALLY is.

Once you trust in yourself and stop fighting the voice inside you, you can claim it, own it, let it come to life in your business so you can do what know you were BORN to do.

What would happen if you trusted yourself to step out into your gift in your business?  Have you been struggling with this?  What do you think you need to take that leap?

Are you there already?  What was it that gave you the confidence to do it?  I’d love to hear about your experience!

What to do when you struggle with getting clients to pay

Getting clients to pay

Having clients is the goal in business, cause momma needs a new pair of shoes, yet there can be an issue that you aren’t expecting and aren’t prepared to deal with till it hits the fan – getting clients to pay.

Has it happened to you yet?

If it hasn’t that’s great, because it can be pretty gut wrenching to know how to handle this somewhat delicate situation, and for many women in business, the whole issue of talking about money makes them super uncomfortable!

There are a few things that, when put in place, can reduce the chances of this happening to you.  So let’s dive in because being proactive in these situations is ALWAYS better than being reactive.

Tweet: When it comes to getting clients to pay, being PROACTIVE with clear expectations is key! via @margieanaliseWhen it comes to getting clients to pay, being PROACTIVE with clear expectations is key.

First, ensure that your client pays BEFORE any services or goods are fully received.  You must never extend payment options beyond that point of them having ALL the goods, because once that happens, there’s no longer any motivation for them to get it wrapped up financially.   They have what they want, but you don’t.

Second, be CLEAR upfront about the terms and cost of doing business.  Make sure they know and agree to the when the payments are expected and the amounts on those dates.  If a payment isn’t received, you must not continue to deliver services until it is taken care of.  I know this can be a real struggle, but you’ve got to stick with this one.  It’s important for you and your clients to create boundaries and clear expectations.

Third, set up your business with automated payments as much as possible. This eliminates having to chase down clients to remind them they owe you money.  For example, if you have a monthly club or program, set the payment options up so that when your client purchases, they don’t have to go back every month to ok it, but rather they agree that they will be automatically billed until they stop the process.  It’s easy to set up and will save you a ton of work and grief!

Fourth, if necessary, set up a refundable retainer or refundable security deposit if your business is the type where people can move on without paying.  For example,  landlords renting apartments use this method to ensure if people leave without paying the final month’s rent, they’re not left hanging.  This may or may not be appropriate for your type of business.

Be proactive, put these practices in place and you’ll minimize the angst of dealing with getting clients to pay.

Have you tried any of these tips?  Are there any you haven’t tried but are going to?  Let me know!  Take a sec to tell me below!

How much IS enough?

how much is enough?

How much is enough?  It seems that almost every single day I hear entrepreneurs say, “I’m not qualified”, “I’m not ready”, “I think I need to x,y,or z, first”.  I’m on a bit of a soap box today, because seriously, the people who I hear saying these statements are talented beyond measure.  They’re gifted from God in ways that no course, diploma, certificate or any other source of external validation could even begin to compare.  They have a powerful recipe of unique experience, wisdom, personality and insight that makes them truly one of a kind and beyond amazing at what they do.

Yet they don’t feel qualified to move forward yet.

They’re holding back on taking the next step into a new level.

They believe they need MORE to prove themselves to others.  But it’s not about others, it’s really about them.

Don’t fall into that trap too.

How much IS enough?

You are qualified right where you are, right now.  It’s time to get uncomfortable, trust God, and put it out there, before time slips away and you’re still waiting for something from outside that can only come from within yourself.

You CAN do this, right now.

YOU are enough.


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