How much IS enough?

how much is enough?

How much is enough?  It seems that almost every single day I hear entrepreneurs say, “I’m not qualified”, “I’m not ready”, “I think I need to x,y,or z, first”.  I’m on a bit of a soap box today, because seriously, the people who I hear saying these statements are talented beyond measure.  They’re gifted from God in ways that no course, diploma, certificate or any other source of external validation could even begin to compare.  They have a powerful recipe of unique experience, wisdom, personality and insight that makes them truly one of a kind and beyond amazing at what they do.

Yet they don’t feel qualified to move forward yet.

They’re holding back on taking the next step into a new level.

They believe they need MORE to prove themselves to others.  But it’s not about others, it’s really about them.

Don’t fall into that trap too.

How much IS enough?

You are qualified right where you are, right now.  It’s time to get uncomfortable, trust God, and put it out there, before time slips away and you’re still waiting for something from outside that can only come from within yourself.

You CAN do this, right now.

YOU are enough.


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