secret weapon to get results in your business

The secret weapon to get better results in your business

There’s a secret weapon that will help you get better results in your business, and it’s probably not at all what you’re expecting.  And it’s a cool story how I found out about it.

Not too long ago I bumped into my friend Susan and  I hardly recognized her.   She was glowing!  She looked so fit and healthy I did a double take.  Was that really her?  She must have lost 50 lbs.

The last time I saw Susan was a few years ago, and she was on the edge of destruction.  She had lost her job, was afraid she was going to lose her house, her marriage was on the rocks and she had three kids.  She, like a lot of women, was an emotional eater and she had put on a lot of weight.  And I mean  a lot.

The pain of that extra weight showed in her eyes. It haunted her with every move and she couldn’t take it anymore.  I felt so bad for her.

Her doctor told her to start exercising, but there was a problem.  She didn’t want to workout.  Even though she knew she had to for the sake of her health, she just couldn’t do it.

She felt embarrassed to walk into the gym​​​​ and have people stare at her. She felt overwhelmed by all the equipment. She didn’t know what to do once she got in there. The mere thought of going to the gym almost made her sick to her stomach.

That was our last conversation.

Yet there she was standing in front of me and I almost didn’t recognize her because she had lost so much weight.  You know I had to ask.

How did you do it?

She said, “I have a secret weapon”.

Ok, by now I was thinking, I NEED that secret weapon too!!

Like it was a top secret revelation, she leaned in and whispered “A workout buddy”.      A workout buddy?  That’s the secret weapon?

Yep.  She went on to tell me how she’d stumbled upon something her trainer told her (and Stanford and other studies back it up), that a person is about 78% more likely to be successful with their workouts if they have the accountability of a workout buddy.

Hmmmm.  That makes sense.

Someone to talk to,  to help you stay focused, to encourage you and make you feel like you’re not alone. I like it!

But the funny thing is, you can apply this to business too.

Because having a buddy or better yet, a tribe will rock your world.  You’re not isolated anymore.  You have people to count on who care about you and support you.  You know you can get their feedback and advice when you need it, and they always have your back.

It’s taken me years but I have a small tribe of amazing women, and it’s changed my life.

Make sure you start building yours too!

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