When your inner voice says “who are you to…?”

“Who am I to …? “

The deadly four words whispered all too often by the inner critic of incredible and talented entrepreneurs who are MORE than qualified to do what they do, and you’re probably one of them.

Maybe on the inside you feel like you need something more to FEEL qualified. A certification, more followers, more knowledge. The truth is, you’re already qualified.

These feelings can put the choke hold on your growth, on your excitement and your success!

Often, they’re caused by feelings like overwhelm, or comparing yourself to others who have “made it big”. What you may not realize, is that most of those people have been working for over 10 years to get where they are today.

It only takes a moment to change everything, to stop the “who am I to?” voice … and you can make that shift happen right now.

Here’s how:

  • What happens if you stop thinking you should be further along than you are, and acknowledge the things you’ve done to get you to this point?
  • What happens when you realize you’re comparing yourself to your peers and those more successful than you, rather than the people who are in need of how you got where you are right now?
  • What happens when you start thinking that one step at a time builds small scale success that builds BIG success?

Own your expertise, put your shoulders back, dive into those strategies you need to take, one step at a time, and grow your business the way all good things grow – with love, work and time.

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