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How to stop attracting freebie seekers

We all dream of having the kind of clients that are raving fans.  You know, the kind that join your courses and programs without blinking an eye, they’re ready to take action, and  make you feel amazing because they love your work so much.  There’s a real and powerful connection.

But what if you’re not attracting those kinds of clients?

What if you’re attracting tire kickers, freebie seekers and the kind of people who RUN for the hills when you talk about what you charge for what you do?

Here’s a truth bomb for ya.

stop attracting freebie seekers

The way YOU show up to and in your business is pow-er-ful.

How do you start to attract the kind of clients you DREAM about?

  • stop undercharging and undervaluing the results you get for people RIGHT NOW.   When you sell yourself short other people will sell you short too.
  • get CLEAR on what you do and who you do it for.  You can’t speak powerfully about your message if it is unclear and confusing.
  • ACT like you’re already “there”.  Dress for it, talk like it, live it out in your daily life.   Don’t wait till you’re there to BE the success that you are, BE IT NOW.  Show the world how kick ass you really are.

You can do this!

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