Why you shouldn’t be marketing to everyone.

Is it true that when you hear you shouldn’t be marketing to everyone your brain screams back in resistance, “But I want to help everyone!!!”?

I feel your pain, it’s a tough one.

Because on one hand, you really DO want to help everyone, but on the other hand, it doesn’t seem to be working, does it?

Why not?


First, I hate to break it to you my friend, but not everyone WANTS your help, even if they NEED it.

So even if you help people for FREE, if they’re not READY they won’t take action.  And no action = no change.

And that does NOT feel good, does it?


Here’s a truthbomb


Even if they want it, not everyone is READY for your help.  And they’ve got to be ready.



why you shouldn't be marketing to everyone

So how do you know if someone is a good prospect?


They need to be a 3/4.   A what???


See, there is a model referred to as “Stages of Change” that assesses a person’s readiness to create change in their life and your IDEAL clients need to be in between stage 3 and 4.  What does that look like?


  • Stage 3:  Preparation

They made it through Stage 1 where they didn’t even realize they had a problem and Stage 2, where they were becoming aware of the problem of thinking mayyyybeeee they should get some help.  Finally in Stage 3, they are  beginning to do research and see what options are available to them to solve their problem.  This is where your prospects may initially FIND you.


  • Stage 4:  ACTION  ( ding, ding, ding, ding, we have a WINNER!)

They’re moved from Stage 3 and now they’re READY to jump in and get started!!!  They’re committed and doing what it takes to create the change they want.


If you use this model early in the process to prequalify the people you help, you will have more success and so will they.


So next time you think about helping for free or helping everyone, ask yourself, “what stage are they in”.  It’s a great way to feel better knowing that even though you’re ready to help everyone, not everyone is ready for you.


What do you think?  Leave a comment!

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  1. Deanne says:

    Thanks. Sounds like a great idea and something I can understand. Why give it away for free?

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