How to survive the roller coaster

Do you feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster most days?  Does “Am I going crazy?” more often than not seem like a fitting mantra for how you feel these days?  Where one day you feel totally confident and great, but the very next day (for absolutely no reason) you feel like a big loser?

Shhhhhhhhhh, no one else knows, right?

Maybe you’ve been thinking you’re the only one going through this. After all, everyone else seems like they’re doing awesome. So, as a business owner, you put your game face on and keep your secret safe.

But other entrepreneurs already know your secret – because it’s their secret too.

The truth is, we ALL experience these kinds of swings. And the closer your business is to your heart, the more emotion you’re likely to feel. So how do you hang on through the down times?

The solution?  Have friends in low places.

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely road, and support of others on the same path is crucial. Surround yourself with other entrepreneurs you really trust to open up to, who have ‘been there done that’ and who will lift you up. Friends who are there not just when you’re at the top, but also when you’re in your low places too. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them when you need them.
Give yourself a reality check.

It’s important to understand that this roller coaster of emotion is part of the journey as an entrepreneur. Give yourself a reality check – “I’m an entrepreneur and this is part of my reality, but this too shall pass”. It always does – it will this time and it will next time too.
Have a plan and stick with it.

Let’s face it – on a good day you’ll aim for the stars and on a bad day, you’ll aim for bed to pull the covers over your head. Having a plan gives you a way to stay on course. It’s not left to your discrimination what you will or won’t aspire to do on a bad day – you will have a list of things you know must be done. A ‘to-do’ list of tasks can be a wonderful way to lose yourself in objective actions that, as you get them done, can actually give you a sense of accomplishment and help you to feel better.
When all else fails…

Grab your coat and head out the door! Go to the gym, to a movie, have coffee with a friend. Do something that will give you a break away from thinking about work, and allow yourself some space to regroup and refresh. Remember, burnout can suck the life out of you (making you plunge emotionally), so be sure to step away from the computer and realize that you perform better when it’s not all work and no play. (Click here to tweet)

So, on your next dip to the bottom, remember that soon you’ll be back up again, and now you have tips to help make the ride not so bad after all.

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