Marketing doesn’t have to feel sleazy

I swear countless times a day, I end up in a conversation with an entrepreneur who tells me how much she HATES the online marketing ‘game’ because marketing makes her feel sleazy.

She’s beyond tired of seeing what seems to her as false hope, b.s., over-the-top promises, and inevitably ends up saying, “I don’t want to be THAT person.”.

There you have it.

Is it possible that marketing can be done in a way that isn’t salesy, sleazy and absolutely douchey?



Because you don’t have to be like “them” to build a successful brand.



The truth is, marketing WILL feel sleazy if you’re not clear on what you do, and don’t own your value….

Let’s dive into that, shall we?


First, let’s examine what you DO for people.

What relief or results do you get them that changes their life? Do you bring real VALUE to them? If you answered yes, then you’re good on your end. Because marketing crap will make you feel like crap.


Second, are you surrounded by those people?

How weird would it be sell peanuts to people who are allergic to them? Or try to sell mouthwatering steaks to a vegetarian?  Or peas to someone who insists they want green beans?

It doesn’t make sense, and neither does surrounding yourself with people who don’t want what you have. Period.  When you get around people who want what you have, there is no convincing, no chasing, no icky sleazy douchery necessary.


Third, are you using strategies that are ALIGNED with your values?

If this part isn’t right, the mere THOUGHT of marketing will make you head for the hills.  If you’re marketing yourself based on principles that aren’t in alignment with who you are, what you believe, or your values, you’ll FEEL IT and your marketing will reflect it! (Plus, you’ll hate doing it, and rightly so). It’s important to work in the walk of integrity.

Without good marketing, your business is hooped. Luckily, now you know how to change it up, keep it real, and stop feeling sleazy about marketing what you do!

That’s why I LOVE helping coaches and creative entrepreneurs to market what they do in a way that’s authentic to them, because it feels great and it’s what really works.

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