How to stop struggling to charge what you’re worth

I see brilliant women struggle with this every day – they struggle to charge (or charge what they’re really worth) for what they do. These are women with a strong sense of confidence in themselves, but when it comes to their business confidence – BAM, they cringe at the mere thought of asking for money!

It doesn’t always have to be a struggle!

When your business is built around something you are truly passionate and heart-felt about, it becomes very personal and that creates vulnerability. Vulnerability opens the door to insecurities, judging yourself, undermining your unique value and the value of what you bring to the table for others. It’s a dangerous mindset trap.

The closer your business is to your heart, the harder it can be to charge what you’re worth.

The more you take it personally, the more tangled up you can get in EMOTION. You can’t build a business on emotion; business must be built with objectivity and strategy. The mission of your heart is to help people; but the purpose of a business is to make money and grow. If you can’t bring yourself to embrace your worth and feel GOOD about charging people money for what you do, you’re business will be hooped.

Here are three strategies you can apply right now to stop struggling to charge (or charge your real worth) for what you do.

1.  Work from your heart, do business from your brain.

Be conscious about separating your passion (that thing you do) and your business.  When you’re working with people doing what you love, that’s your passion work. But when it comes to making decisions like charging what you’re worth, that’s your business work, and you need to be in an objective frame of mind.

2  Step into your BOSS zone: walk into your business office in your mind, where things are done strategically and objectively and own it! When you look out the window of this place, you can see yourself below, doing what you love helping people, but in the penthouse, it’s all business baby (without feelings or emotions)!

3.  Get clear on the value you bring to the people you help.  Remember when YOU struggled with the problem you now help others solve? Remember that sense of desperation, how you’d give anything to make that pain go away? Remember how AMAZING it felt when you finally figured out your solution? THAT feeling is what you bring to your clients!  So what solution do you bring to your clients that is invaluable to them?

Confusion undermines business confidence, and clarity CREATES it.  Get clear on what you do, and immediately you’ll start to the confidence to charge what you’re worth (really worth).

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