stop wearing the mask

How to stop wearing the mask

As soon as the clock struck midnight and we welcomed in the new year, it seemed as if a window flew open and suddenly everyone stopped wearing “the mask”.  People posted all across social media and shared “what a trying and difficult year” 2017 was, and how much it sucked.


But wait.  I never saw the posts last year talking about hard times.


Rather, I saw pics of happy smiling faces, vacations to beautiful beaches,  celebrations surrounded by family and friends, and the woohooo of their latest successes.


So do people only feel safe to stop wearing the mask once a year?  Doesn’t that seem incongruent?


As entrepreneurs and leaders, of course we need to look successful to potential clients.  But where do we draw the line?


How do we stop wearing the “everything’s perfect” mask without crossing the line into sad, sappy or lookin like a loser?


I think it’s important to be more vulnerable along the way.  If you wait and let loose once a year, it makes people wonder if you’re blowing smoke up their skirt the rest of the year.


Be real and share real things.


Your meltdown in traffic doesn’t make the grade, but getting through your divorce or coping with loss does.


Being more transparent and not always being “on” let’s people know that what they see is what they get.  You’re real.  You’re human.  And life isn’t always a bed of red roses.


I believe that we go through tough times to make us better teachers and leaders  and that we have an obligation to share what we know can help others.


Never forget that today more than ever, people need hope.  They need to know they’re not alone in going through failures, losses and the curve balls that life throws at people.


You have the insight, the encouragement, the testimony to share that shows people yes, they can take off their mask and get through the rough patches too.  

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