Why passion is not enough

These days it seems like all the talk is about passion when it comes to starting a business, so why isn’t passion enough?

It takes more than passion, confidence, focus and direction. It takes those things too, but unless you know what to do with them, it’s like preparing for a race you never run.

Maybe you became an entrepreneur because you have a passion and you want that to be your life’s work so you can feel fulfilled.

You aspire to create the lifestyle you really want, by being successful at it. BUT (and especially if you’re heart centered, or a creative entrepreneur), you may be set up to fail, if you have no business knowledge or strategies.

Do you feel like you’re in either of these places?

Passion will fail you if:

  • you aren’t grounded in knowing exactly what you do (maybe you have so many things, you can’t decide on one)


  • you don’t know clearly who you serve – your message is watered down, your efforts are diluted, and you’ll disappear in the entrepreneurial ocean. You’ll flail (or fail). Spinning in different directions, it can leave you feeling disoriented. You can’t be successful from that place.


  • you don’t know how to scale your business and you end up working all the time because you’re still trading hours for dollars.  Overworked, stressed, frustrated, doing it all yourself. Seeing yourself as the business, instead of the business OWNER. Unable to grow, you start sinking under the pressure of doing it all yourself, not making enough money, and maybe you’re really tempted to just walk away.


So, wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey…

You CAN learn the crucial things you need to succeed – business strategies to become the successful entrepreneur you dream of being. Enjoying the lifestyle of more freedom, flexibility, time with family and friends (without guilt), harmony and profitability!


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