Is being in front of the camera
nerve wracking?

get MORE confidence

doing videos

You are  working hard on your dream!  And even though you know that video is the way to reach and connect with more people, you're holding back from doing them, right?

I know what it's like to cringe at the mere thought of doing videos because you don't like the way you look and sound on video - all you see are your flaws. 

It's nerve wracking when you don't know what to talk about that your tribe will be interested in, so you get really nervous and talk like you've had 200 cups of coffee. Argh!       


I see you boo.
let's change that!

    * get more confidence in front of the camera
    * know what topics to talk about
    * take daily action steps to get momentum
    * get support and accountability in our FB group

The 5.5 LIVE
video confidence challenge


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