What to do if you suffer from perfectionism

The struggle is real if you suffer from perfectionism.   But amazingly, I always learn some of the best lessons when I’m working out.   And as crazy as it might sound, this post was inspired by the day I didn’t want to go for a run (which was the the very same day that I did my best time ever!)  I wondered, what would have happened if I had let all the rationalizing and voices in my head stop me?

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because those rationalizations and voices are the very same ones that can hold you back in business.  And perfectionism is a lovely curated collection of rationalizations and voices.


Ok, I admit it. I almost waited to go for what turned out to be my best run ever, because of the temperature.  Laugh if you will, but I wanted it to be one degree warmer. Now doesn’t that sound lame? But what happens in business is that you will rationalize waiting for some small, insignificant thing to change before you’ll move forward.

Or you need something big.  Really big.  Like for the kids to be done with school, a new certification, or even next year.

Have you done this lately?

Be aware of it. Ask yourself, is it really necessary? Is it really standing in my way, or am I using it as an excuse not to move forward?


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