Social media has gone crazy. What should you do now?

Here’s the thing – social media seems to have gone crazy, and it’s causing a lot of people a lot of anxiety.

It’s been changing ever so slowly.

It’s likely the number of people coming to your live videos has dropped.

Maybe the engagement in your group is in the toilette, because less than 10% of your group is seeing your posts.

Maybe some of your content has even been, shall we say, cen-s-ored.

And it’s time to consider, what happens if the social media platform you use for your business suddenly disappears?

Ok, don’t freak out.

Take heart my friend, it’s gonna be ok!

But it’s definitely time to make a move and be proactive now.

We can’t be dependent on social media like we used to.

Our motto moving forward now is: Don’t panic, PIVOT

How? What should you do first?

The first thing you can do, like right now, is start building your email list.

Why? Because no one controls it but YOU.

Your list is golden.

Go build it.

It’s important to use an online platform to send your emails.

I recommend flodesk. It’s one of the most intuitive platforms I’ve used.

And I think we all like easier, right?

Listen, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

You don’t need to have everything figured out right now.

But this needs to get done.

So get to it girl. Get to it.

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