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I'm here to take your web design and branding overwhelm away, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

I especially love working with coaches, passionate entrepreneurs and small business owners ready to show up more professionally,  who want someone they can trust to "just do it for me pleeeeease!".   

You want different.  You want to stand out.  You want a site that is 100% you.  That's what I do for my clients on the Showit platform, which is both beautiful and easy to use.

Click the "get in touch" button to reach out.  We'll book a short call to determine if we're a good fit and we'll take it from there to get going!  (So important, don't you agree?)  

All my clients have trusted me to take what's in their head, heart and soul and turn it into a swoon worthy website.

Let's make yours next!

Xx  Margie

The Elegant Evolution

You want the entire website experience done for you: branding and your brand message, copywriting and your beautiful site design.

Visual brand identity:
• Custom color palette that convey your brand personality
• Handpicked typefonts that express the feel of your brand

Showit Website Design:
• Desktop and mobile version
• Up to 8 pages included
• A fully custom Showit website 
• Up to 8 pages 

Personal Brand Identity:
• Messaging that speaks directly to your ideal client
• Copywriting of all content, including your about page
• Beautiful new text logo

Package starts at $3500

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Business Strategy & branding consulting

I know from personal experience (and from working with countless clients) that the biggest challenge every entrepreneur faces is to identify their target market, ideal client and how they're different from their competition.

Setting up your business and website to work for you is vital.  Positioning your offers in a way that gets people excited to work with you, streamlining your business to focus on what's working (and let go of what's not) gets you results faster. 

Get in touch and let's see how I can help you get clear on your brand and strategize to grow your business with ease.

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