Inner Circle

Inner Circle

DETOX from the hustle so you can grow your business and live more fully

Argggh!  You didn't become an entrepreneur to hustle 24/7, have no life, get no sleep, watch your body turn into jello, your mind turn into mush, feel exhausted day after day after day,  churning and STRIVING, wondering if it's all worth it...  did you?

Ready to get off the hamster wheel?   

the time is now

The #UNHUSTLE Movement Inner Circle is monthly group coaching especially for coaches, creative and heart centered entrepreneurs ready to GROW their biz SMARTER and get their life back.

UNHUSTLE is a movement focused around a new lifestyle and way of doing business, and you need to learn how.  Every month you have access to a fresh powerful LIVE training that equips you in your UNHUSTLE life.

We focus on the four pillars of the unhustle lifestyle:


* SMARTER NOT HARDER BUSINESS STRATEGY (stop hustling for clients and do what works)
* LEADERSHIP MINDSET (develop a mindset that works for you and develops your leadership confidence and perspective)
* UNHUSTLE LIFESTYLE (how and what to do to take better care of you)

* FAITH (keep your faith amped up in your business and life)

You're a rebel but you can't UNHUSTLE when you're surrounded by hustlers, right?   You need a tribe that gets you and supports you as an UNHUSTLER.  You need to be with YOUR tribe and we're here in a private Facebook group, waiting for you with open arms, confetti and macarons!  (Well, virtual macarons with no calories!)

hang with your tribe

Get instant access to the training vault library, where awesome training videos, audios and downloads are waiting for you right now and new ones are added every month.

Our training doesn't disappear at the end of each month like some other programs.   

We archive it in the vault, so you have access to the stockpile of powerful trainings to peruse when and where you need it.  (Even if it's at 3am in your PJ's)


Amp up your spiritual life with our monthly prayer calls that are game-changers for you and your business.  


get ready to #unhustle

 - Get your questions answered with Q&A day every month 
 - A monthly LIVE group TRAINING 

 - A monthly prayer call

 - Interact with Margie in the Private Facebook Community for UNHUSTLE members

 - Access 24/7 to the vault that has training waiting for you to access right now


Do you ever find yourself struggling to take action, get things accomplished and stay focused?  This training trio busts the myths and mindsets that hold you back and gives you the tools you need to make your big goals do-able.

What you get:

1.  Your Success Planner 9 page PDF
      - 5 steps to make shift happen
      - 3 keys to success
      - 3 winning mindset strategies

2.  Your Success Planner printable worksheets for daily use

3.  "Make Shift Happen" training audio - a jam packed 23 minutes of powerful mindset, productivity, and leadership coaching.


valued at $129



Join now for only          $47 CAD

Join now for only $47 CAD

Be one of the first 100 people to join (the FIERCE 100) and join for only $47 a month!


“There are not enough words of affirmation that describes this beautiful powerful dynamic encourager of a woman!

What she does to help & inspire women entrepreneur’s is priceless! I respect her work, I admire her for staying true to who she is.

She has a way to connect with women because she has walked in our shoes. Margie has an amazing effect on anyone she encounters.

She has the ability to draw out the confidence you already have inside of you that you may not realized was there. Her trainings are amazing, I received my aha moment on one of our Mastermind calls....”

Luisa Otero, America's No Nonsense Queen

When I started working with Margie, I knew my big idea and business direction, but I lacked the laser FOCUS that I needed to really get the fire going. Margie walked me through understanding who my target client was and after my “aha” working with her, I was better able to focus my products and services. That focus actually increased the potential and range of what I can offer. I am so grateful to have Margie Analise as my business coach and mentor!”

Angie Snow-Mozillo CEO of Woman UP! |


What exactly is UNHUSTLE about?

The UNHUSTLE is a movement of online group coaching for entrepreneurs ready to grow their business AND have a life. 

It doesn't mean not working, being lazy or goofing off. Businesses don't grow that way. 

What we DO believe is that there are smarter ways to work so you don't have to work 24/7, stop enjoying your life, stop taking care of yourself or be a slave to your business. 

The UNHUSTLE movement stands for having a better LIFESTYLE, smarter BUSINESS strategies, improved WELLNESS and a new MINDSET and approach creating success in every area of your life as a business owner.

How do I know if it's for me?

If you're tired of feeling exhausted, being a slave to your business and basically questioning why you started your business in the first place, it's for you.  Or, you're ready to start / grow your business the right way, so you don't become a slave to it.

We are a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who don't believe in sacrificing family, time or wellbeing to have a business, and we don't believe you have to sacrifice that in order to be successful.

You'll fit in great if you're supportive of others, genuine, want to organically grow relationships with other entrepreneurs, contribute and participate in conversations in positive, uplifting and caring ways.   

I'm nice, but I don't tolerate any negativity or bad mouthing in the group.  If you join, like everyone, you'll be held to a high level of accountability for your words and actions.  I reserve the right to remove anyone from the group who is abusive, hurtful, disrespectful, foul mouthed, self-promoting or otherwise does not uphold a high standard of ethics and behavior.  Anyone who behaves in such a manner will get the boot and will not be permitted to have membership again.  In such a case there is no refund of any kind for membership fees.    

Can I cancel my membership?

Of course! We won't hold you hostage, you can cancel your membership anytime for any reason, we simply require 30 days notice via email.

We DO NOT give refunds due to the nature of the course, but if you cancel your billing will be stopped within 30 days. 

Keep in mind if you cancel, you no longer have access to the group, the trainings or any perks and discounts offered as they are for members only.  Plus, you'll miss being with your tribe (and vice versa).   PLUS, you will have to rejoin for the rate monthly membership fee at that time (which may be a higher rate).

How and when will I be billed?

As one of the FIERCE 100 (the first 100 people to join), you can join for only $47 CAD a month!

The billing cycle is monthly, meaning it will bill you on the same day each month based on the date you originally signed up.  (For example, if you sign up on the 5th of the month, you'll always be billed on the 5th each month).