A quarterly virtual mastermind exclusively for entrepreneurial women ready to prioritize self care & live their best life

Have more free time, better self care and enjoy life more.

You didn't become an entrepreneur to have your business overtake your entire life,  hustle 24/7, get no sleep, watch your body turn into jello, your mind turn into mush, feel exhausted day after day after day,  churning and STRIVING, wondering if it's all worth it...  did you?    
Yet here you are.

Ready to get off the hamster wheel?   

the time is now

The #UNHUSTLE Lifestyle Mastermind is a 3 month virtual Mastermind program exclusively for coaches, creative and heart-centered entrepreneurs ready get their life and joy back.

Here's the group you've been waiting for.  The kind that don't buy into the "hustle" mentality and knows there is a better way to live their entrepreneurial life than striving 24/7.  We meet LIVE once a month for 3 months.

Everyone will come to the group with 3 solid goals to achieve over the 3 months we are together, including but not limited to:

Live Monthly mastermind

* Developing a stronger mindset and personal leadership

* Prioritizing self care for a more balanced and well life

* Spending time wisely and productively

* Setting realistic boundaries and sticking with them

* Building up more confidence

* Say no, and saying it without feeling guilty

* Learning how to trust God more in life and business

So that we can connect with each other as often as we want and let the organic relationships and support grow, we have our own private FB community.   It's a "collaborative brainstorm lifting women up" kind of inner circle that helps you be accountable, focused, and get the kind of support you really need, the kind that only like-minded entrepreneurs can give you.  

PLUS: Our private community

Valued at $1200

Each mastermind member gets 3 sixty-minute private coaching sessions with Margie personally (one per month), to dive deep into an area where they need direction, guidance, feedback and help from an experienced mentor.

private coaching SESSIONS

This 3 Month Virtual Mastermind is limited to only 8 participants
Will you be one?


Pay in full

$997 CAD


* Time limited early bird special pricing

Pay in 2 Installments


“There are not enough words of affirmation that describes this beautiful powerful dynamic encourager of a woman!

What she does to help & inspire women entrepreneur’s is priceless! I respect her work, I admire her for staying true to who she is.

She has a way to connect with women because she has walked in our shoes. Margie has an amazing effect on anyone she encounters.

She has the ability to draw out the confidence you already have inside of you that you may not realized was there. Her trainings are amazing, I received my aha moment on one of our Mastermind calls....”

Luisa Otero, America's No Nonsense Queen

When I started working with Margie, I knew my big idea and business direction, but I lacked the laser FOCUS that I needed to really get the fire going. Margie walked me through understanding who my target client was and after my “aha” working with her, I was better able to focus my products and services. That focus actually increased the potential and range of what I can offer. I am so grateful to have Margie Analise as my business coach and mentor!”

Angie Snow-Mozillo CEO of Woman UP! | womanupmovement.com


How do I know if it's for me?

If you're ready to make positive changes in your life and business to have better boundaries, better wellbeing, more peace and enjoy your life more, this is for you!

We are a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who don't believe in sacrificing family, time or wellbeing to have a business.  We believe that a better life work balance IS achievable with the help and support of others in our inner circle.

You'll fit in great if you are committed to your success and the success of others, supportive of others, genuine, want to organically grow relationships with other entrepreneurs, contribute and participate in conversations in positive, uplifting and caring ways.   

I'm nice, but I don't tolerate any negativity or bad mouthing in the group.  If you join, like everyone, you'll be held to a high level of accountability for your words and actions.  I reserve the right to remove anyone from the group who is abusive, hurtful, disrespectful, foul mouthed, self-promoting or otherwise does not uphold a high standard of ethics and behaviour.  Anyone who behaves in such a manner will be removed and will not be permitted to have membership again and membership fees will not be refunded.    

Is it possible to get a refund?

We want only those who are truly committed to the group, to the accountability and support within our tight inner circle.  Please don't jump into this head first if you are not sure or if you feel this is not the right time for you, as we do not give refunds due to the nature of this program.  Again, we do NOT give refunds for this program.