Break free from the sameness
 and blaze your own trail

You didn't become an entrepreneur to have your business overtake your entire life,  hustle 24/7, get no sleep, watch your body turn into jello, your mind turn into mush, feel exhausted day after day after day,  churning and STRIVING, while self doubt eats away your last few bits of confidence and you're wondering IS IT ALL WORTH IT... did you?

Yet here you are.

Girl, I've been there!

Ready to get off that hamster wheel?   

Stop the hustle & have a life.
Be part of the Inner Circle of LIFESTYLE entrepreneurs
taking their lives back while they grow their business.

• You're tired of saying yes to things you kick yourself for later

• You aren't taking care of yourself like you should and you keep putting yourself last

• Your brain is on business mode 24/7 and you struggle to shut it off

• You feel like you're always reinventing the wheel 

 • You work all the time but not getting ahead

 • You miss out on family time and important things in life because business comes first 

• You struggle with doubts and fears and don't have clarity or direction

• You have no energy and you feel drained a lot physically and mentally

• You have no place to share the reality of your entrepreneurial life without being judged

• You feel like you don't have a life anymore and you wonder where your joy went

Is this where you are now?

• You say no easily and with confidence (no more guilt)

• You prioritize your well being and incorporate ways to take better care of you

• You set boundaries between business and life and can shut off your business brain

• You apply strategies that make your work easier and gives you more free time

• You get momentum and take action with proven strategies that move you forward

• You set personal time boundaries and keep them solid so you live more fully

• You are more confident with a CEO mindset and have freedom, focus, clarity and direction

• You have a supportive tribe where you can share ups and downs without being judged or criticized

• You have a mentor to show you every month how to consistently set new goals, strategies and habits to have the lifestyle you want and enjoy your life more, and a supportive community to help you be accountable

• You feel more alive. start living more fully and have more joy

Let's get you here instead

I've been there...

• I went from fit and healthy personal trainer (who helped hundreds of people  create lasting lifestyle changes) to obese and miserable - because I stopped caring about me.  I smoked, ate lots of fast food, stopped working out and drank 2 litres of diet coke a day.  I gained 80 lbs in 2 years.  I felt like I was 300 years old.  My knees hurt, I huffed and puffed going up a few stairs, and I hated myself for letting it happen.

• I worked 60+ hours a week, isolated behind the computer.  II wore "the hustle" like a badge of honor, but I was exhausted, frustrated and spinning my wheels.  I didn't know what to do to create less work and more freedom.

• I was always beating myself up because I said yes to doing things for other people, even when it put me at a considerable disadvantage.  I didn't know how to say no.   I didn't know how to create boundaries that commanded respect from myself  (and others) and showed them that my time is valuable.

• I had to learn how to keep going even in the face of losing my parents and two sisters.  It was a struggle to find the passion and momentum to continue to "do business" as usual.

If I can do it, you can do it.  You can stop the hustle, put yourself as a priority and enjoy your life again.

You have a coach in your corner every month showing you how to create the lifestyle you want so you can enjoy your life WHILE you build your business.

Join me for 1 hour of LIVE training every month followed by a Q&A session where I answer your questions!

Plus, you'll have access to training from previous months at your fingertips 24/7.

LIVE training every month!

Get the kind of relationships, support and accountability you need in our private community.  It's a "collaboration over competition" mindset kind of Inner Circle that keeps you surrounded with like-minded entrepreneurs, coaches, creatives and people who really get you, can support you, keep you accountable and cheer you on.

PLUS: Our private community

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Jump start your membership with this BONUS that you get right away when you join!  Take back control of your time and get organized with the SUCCESS PLANNER trio!  It includes a guide book, work sheets and a powerful audio to help you take back control over your daily life.



Isn't it time for you to have more free time, energy and joy in your life?

Be one of the "Fab 100 Founders" and join for only $49 / month

Join now only $49

Only  $97   $47 a month 
 for the first 100 members

“There are not enough words of affirmation that describes this beautiful powerful dynamic encourager of a woman!

What she does to help & inspire women entrepreneur’s is priceless! I respect her work, I admire her for staying true to who she is.

She has a way to connect with women because she has walked in our shoes. Margie has an amazing effect on anyone she encounters.

She has the ability to draw out the confidence you already have inside of you that you may not realized was there. Her trainings are amazing, I received my aha moment on one of our Mastermind calls....”

Luisa Otero, America's No Nonsense Queen

When I started working with Margie, I knew my big idea and business direction, but I lacked the laser FOCUS that I needed to really get the fire going. Margie walked me through understanding who my target client was and after my “aha” working with her, I was better able to focus my products and services. That focus actually increased the potential and range of what I can offer. I am so grateful to have Margie Analise as my business coach and mentor!”

Angie Snow-Mozillo CEO of Woman UP! |


How do I know if it's for me?

If you're ready to make positive changes in your life and business to have clear boundaries, better wellbeing, more peace and enjoy your life more, this is for you!

We are a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who don't believe in sacrificing family, time or wellbeing to have a business.  We believe that a better life work balance IS achievable with the help and support of others in our inner circle.

You'll fit in great if you are committed to your success and the success of others, supportive of others, genuine, want to organically grow relationships with other entrepreneurs, contribute and participate in conversations in positive, uplifting and caring ways.   

How does it work?

Once you join us, you'll receive an email that will show you how to ensure you get all the email notifications and training links.

You will also receive an email with your BONUS training so you can jump in right away!

LIVE training is once a month, followed by a Q&A session you can get your most pressing questions answered.  The training is recorded and put into our members site within 24 hours.

You also get access to our private Facebook group where you can join other like-minded entrepreneurs and start developing organic relationships and friendships.

If you are one of the first 100 to join, you will be billed $49 CAD every 30 days.  After the first 100 members are in, the price is $97 / month.   If you leave the group and rejoin later, the higher price may apply.

Is it possible to get a refund?

If you don't love the program, cancel anytime by emailing us at 

You can cancel any month and you won't be billed again  (as long as you email 72 hours in advance of your billing date).  Keep in mind that cancelling doesn't refund previous month's charges, because you received the training.  Also, cancelling means you can't access the library of previous months training.  That's only fair right?