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How to bust through barriers (pt 2)

Last week, part 1 (if you missed it, read it here) of this post was inspired by the day I didn’t want to go for a run (which was the the very same day that I did my best time ever!) I wondered, what would have happened if I had let all the rationalizing and voices in my head stop me? Why am I sharing this with you? Because those rationalizations and voices are the very same ones that can hold you back in business. The obstacles to success are universal, and so are the solutions! Are you ready to bust through barriers?

Today, I’ll share the last 3 barriers with you, and how to bust through them with flying colors!

#4 – Procrastination

Remember how I almost waited for the temperature to rise one degree? Well, entwined with that thought was, “hey, tomorrow is going to be warmer – maybe I”ll go then”. I almost let factors outside of myself sway me into procrastination. What if tomorrow ended up being colder?

In your business here’s a motto that you should adhere to – Strike while the Iron is HOT! If your intention is to do something, don’t put time or distance between you and it. Do it right away. Remember, you never know what tomorrow will bring, do it while the opportunity is present.

#5 – Going against what feels right.

I remember one of my previous runs, when I was trying to control my breathing and pace. I was trying to slow down because I thought I was running too fast. I thought I really needed to pace myself slower than what I felt like going. But that made it feel harder. I have short legs, and an even shorter stride. Smaller, quicker steps work best for me- and I realized that is the stride where all great things happen!

In business, there are many schools of thought on achieving success. Some of them won’t work for you. If you’re trying to use something that doesn’t work for you, sometimes you’ll think it’s the right way, you can’t make it work and you’ve failed. Sometimes it’s the strategy that doesn’t fit you, not the other way around. If you know what’s working for you, stick with it, no matter what anyone else tells you.
#6 – Know what you really need.

It has been so long since I ran outside, the battery had died in my little wristwatch with the timer I loved using. So, when I started up again, I was actually counting the time in my head! At first, I thought, I don’t need a timer, I just want one! But eventually I got one (yeah, I’m not great at keeping that much counting accurate!). When my mind was freed up and I could accurately measure my success, things changed and I started running further. That little watch helped me more than I can say, in achieving my success!

Sometimes in business, especially if you’re on a budget, you forgo outsourcing tasks, or getting things you need. Take a good look at how much those things can be a benefit to you. If having them can increase your success, they will more than pay for themselves very quickly! You must wisely and purposefully invest in your business for it to grow!

Now you know the 6 BIG barriers that can hold you back from you best success, and you have tips you can use right away to bust through them with FLYING colors!‘

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