If you hate selling…

You’re awesome at what you do, you’re super passionate, and you know in your heart you make a real difference in people’s lives.

So why then is so darn hard when it comes to selling someone your service, products or programs? What happens to you when the moment comes to ask someone to work with you; or because you hate to sell, do you even get that close? Maybe you’re thinking, “I’m a coach, speaker, (fill in the blank with what you do), I’m not a sales person.”

Zippppppppppppppp. (Insert sound of needle scratching record here).

You see my friend, as an entrepreneur, you are in sales, and it’s critical to your business that you’re able to do it well. Without the moola, there is no business (or there’s not one for very long).

But I know how it can make you feel. You don’t want people to think you’re just “using” them, or that you only want their money. I know you genuinely want to just help them (and so you might even be tempted to do it for free).


So how can you take the “ick” factor out of selling? Is it possible? You betcha!


Years ago I learned something SO powerful, it completely shifted the way I saw things so I didn’t dread having “the talk” anymore; and it can change things for you too!

Many years ago when I was in the wellness industry, part of the expectation of my job was sales. After a couple of free sessions, I was required to ask if people would like to continue on working with me (I had to ask for money – gasp!). But when it came to that dreaded day when I had to have “the talk” with them, I hated it. It was uncomfortable for me, so avoided it, and you know what – my pay showed it.

But then…

One day, something happened that totally changed my perspective (and my income!). I was reviewing the progress of one of my long term clients, and we were both blown away by the progress he’d made. He’d gone from being in pain and not even being able to stand up straight, to being active, standing tall, and pain free! The results were amazing!  I helped him to change his life.

And then, BAM, it hit me.

If I hadn’t asked him to work with me, he would never have had that improvement. By asking him to invest with me, I had offered him an opportunity to improve his life with someone who put their whole heart and soul into helping people – me.

If I hadn’t asked him to work with me, what if he’d chosen to work with someone else who didn’t care so much, who wasn’t as qualified, or what if he quit working out altogether because there was no one to encourage him along the way?
It’s the same with your tribe.

When you stop thinking of it as “asking for money” but instead understand how much better that person’s life will be from working with you, it gets a whole lot easier to invite them to improve their life with you by their side.

Selling now means you’re inviting someone to change their life with you. 



By inviting someone to work with you, you are genuinely helping them. In fact, the more you can see how much they need your help, the more passionate you can become about extending that invitation to them.

And that can flip the switch – you may never feel the same way about selling again!

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