How to end comparison anxiety

Comparison anxiety is part of being an entrepreneur, and it’s kinda weird isn’t it?

You’d think that the stories of people more successful than you would be inspiring, but so often it’s just the opposite. Comparing yourself to someone in your industry who has become a very successful leader, can shut you down, cause overwhelm and feelings of “I can’t compete with that!.”   I totally get it.

So here are two tips to end comparison anxiety, because it’s all about your mindset and perspective baby!


1. Understand that many of the people you see who have “made it big” weren’t overnight success stories.

Many of them have been at it for 10+ years, finding their way and never giving up. There’s a lesson in that.  I encourage you to pick someone who gives you comparison anxiety and google their backstory.  I love the one of Tony Robbins.  A mega star today, but years ago, an overweight kid, washing his dishes in his bathtub.  C’mon now. If ever there was a story to inspire you, this is it.


2. Being you makes you uniquely qualified.

Owning YOUR unique value and what you bring to the table that no one else can, empowers you develop confidence and strength in yourself and your branding message. You can’t be that guru you admire, but they can’t be you either! Everyone has their USP – Unique Selling Proposition. What’s yours?  Knowing this is the golden key.



So stop comparing yourself to the gurus… it’s not fair because as I always say, they can never be YOU!  Just think, one day people will be googling your backstory!

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