You want different.  You want a site that reflects who YOU are.  You want to speak loud and clear to your DREAM clients.  But you don't know how.

I create eye-catching designs and craft personality-plus sites so that you stand out from the crowd, attract your ideal clients and fall in love with your gorgeous uniquely you site.

"It's everything I dreamed but better!"  - Christy Lynn  Lifestyle Blogger & Influencer

Christys blog was growing big and so was her dream for her website and brand. She had an existing Squarespace site, but she wasn't happy with it anymore.  To capture a fresh and open feel, I customized a new theme with fresh fonts, a spacious layout and special touches that make her site unique.  A new logo was the cherry on top that brought Christy's brand all together in a way that is truly her own. 

Click HERE to see the "before"

"If a picture is worth a 1,000 words then my new site dazzles with a brand that sparkles and stirs the soul of visitors every time they land on it. First impressions are lasting impressions".  - Dr. Peter Nieman

Peter's journey as a life coach was taking a new direction and he needed a website and brand that would speak directly to the target audience of this physician, author and life coach.

I customized a new theme with fresh fonts, new images, a tagline that's spot on, personal branding and messaging that speaks to his target audience, a logo that captures his philosophies behind his work, and email signup integration.

They're busy enjoying the water - testimonial coming soon!

This beautiful marina had no website.  After seeing it and learning more about their target audience, I built a Squarespace site with cool calming colors, simple fonts, a fresh logo and branding that encapsulated the feel of enjoying being on the open water.  There is also a special password protected login area for marina members. The tagline captures the feel they want to convey with specially selected images that give the peaceful feeling of being on the water.

Working with Margie is one of my best moves I've ever made.  When I set to redesign my website, she saw my vision, and together, we exchanged ideas in order to create something special.  Margie has been so great for my growth in the DJ and events industry.  I get compliments on the look of my website and how well it navigates for the potential client.    I'm receiving more requests for my services!  With her professionalism and strong work ethic, I'm confident you will be very pleased when working with Margie.  I, for one, am proud to call her my colleague and friend.
- Garrick Estick (Garrick the DJ), Professional Disc Jockey

Garrick is a dynamic and diverse DJ, and his old website didn't capture that part of him.  I created a new Squarespace site and carefully selected from dozens and dozens of photos, the ones that captured the energy Garrick brings to the table (and dance floor).  Now, his site resonates his amazing fun loving personality while showing his utmost professionalism.

"What a transformation my site has been on... this is by far my fave". 

Yes, I'm my own client!   I've done my own website since 2011 (or earlier) and it's had many transformations!  This site is built on Showit, a platform I really love.  I was ready for something fresh with a splash of color, a new logo and clearer branding!   I think I nailed it!  What do you think?

Dotun is busy crunching numbers - testimonial coming soon!

Oh boy!  How do you take the dread out of accounting?  By highlighting the accountants incredible fun personality!   This was a brand new site with theme customization, clear branding to speak directly to those "shoe-boxers" and let them know Dotun has the solution.  A cool video replaced the usual static header for this site and with the perfect tagline, it really hits the message home.  This project also included email integration and developing 3 service packages.

"I wasn't sure if it was worth investing in re-branding, but I'm so glad we did! I don't know how she did it, but Margie rebranded our site with a bright, fresh, stylish new look that makes me proud!"   Krista 

Krista wanted to create ONE fresh brand new to replace her two distinctly different websites for her 2 fashion consignment locations.   Based on her logo, I customized a theme to highlight her stores with colors she loves that really pop. The messaging was refined to speak to her ideal clients and the tagline seals the deal!   This project also included integrating Krista's Shopify store with branding to make it a seamless experience.