Ever found yourself thinking someone is going to renew with you, but when the day comes, they don’t? Or someone new kept saying they want to work with you, but when it came time to pay, they changed their mind? OUCH. That’s a hard pill to swallow, especially if you were counting on it, and […]

Feeling like you might be headed towards burnout? Is doing so much one-on-one coaching or ‘done for you services’ getting to be too much, and it’s leaving you exhausted and taking over your life? Sadly, that’s the way most entrepreneurs start and stay in their business. Always on call for clients. Always working. Eventually frustrated, […]

Here’s the thing – social media seems to have gone crazy, and it’s causing a lot of people a lot of anxiety. It’s been changing ever so slowly. It’s likely the number of people coming to your live videos has dropped. Maybe the engagement in your group is in the toilette, because less than 10% […]

Today is your day to CRUSH imposter syndrome and confidently walk in your gift once and for all!  If you’re struggling with how to conquer imposter syndrome, you’re not alone.  The fear and doubt it can put in your mind can be crippling and you might feel powerless against it – but you’re not.   […]

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