A message to your Inner LadyBoss

Dear Inner Business Woman

I know you struggle.

You want to help everyone, but you’ve got to help yourself too.

You’re a giver, but you give to everyone but you.

It’s time to love yourself enough to take care of you, and create more freedom to enjoy your life now.

It’s time to set up your business so you can help those that can’t afford, without going broke yourself. It’s time time get your message into the world, into the hands of those who need it most in a way they can go at their own pace.

Don’t be afraid of what might happen. Don’t let your past hold you back. Let go of the voices and beliefs that you can’t, that you’re not enough, that you can’t do this;

because you ARE enough, and you CAN do this.

It’s your time, right now.

Not tomorrow, not when the kids are grown, once you have another certificate, or when things are different.

Make things different now.

Embrace the power of taking action.

Enjoy the clarity that comes from that journey, the sense of accomplishment, and yes, the rewards of finally having a business that can provide for you so you can keep doing what you love doing.

You’ve got this.

Believe in yourself, take care of yourself, and keep going.


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