It’s been a really busy year already, and I’ve been enjoying creating videos to post for you.  I happened to peruse through my oldvideos  (the ones I used to do just for practice) and stumbled upon one from a few years ago where I did a “self-interview”.

O M G!  

Source: via MargieAnalise on Pinterest

It’s from a time in my life that was a pretty rough one, and there was no hiding it!  I  sat here watching, almost in a daze,  shaking my head thinking – WOW, I really was that sad?  I couldn’t believe that was me!  My voice was monotone and face without any emotion.  I looked pale, without any life inside – I actually felt sad just watching it!  The really crazy thing about it is…  I had no idea that I was presenting myself that way!

We really don’t know how we’re being perceived by the world, do we?

I mean, back then I had no idea I seemed so meek, sad, low energy, almost hopeless.


How the world perceives you  is closely tied into your abundance.


How?  Let’s see.   Let’s imagine you are meeting with two women who want you to collaborate with them on a project, but you can only work with one, so you have to make a choice.  Grab your coffee, and meet…

First, there’s Sandra.  She’s rocking an amazing, colorful outfit and she carries it with moxie.  She shakes your hand and gives you a warm smile as she looks directly into your eyes and introduces herself.  Does she have the perfect body or is she the prettiest woman you’ve ever seen?  No, but there is something about her.  A quality that resonates through her smile, eye contact, infectious laugh, and the way she communicates her message firmly, assuredly with conviction.  You feel her excitement about life, about working with you, and somehow, you feel lifted up being around her.

Your next appointment is with Lucy.  You notice she seems very quiet, both in her voice and in the way she moves.  In fact, she speaks so low, you had to ask her name a couple of times because you couldn’t quite hear her the first time you asked.  Her outfit is loose,  yet she fidgets as if it’s very uncomfortable;  and the colors drab, almost as if to hide her body and not draw any attention to herself.  Her shoulders seem a little slouched, and she looks at the ground a lot – is there something down there??  Hmmmmm You’re thinking she needs a Starbucks stat!


Who would you choose to work with?


If you said the Sandra – I thought so!  Me too!

I ask you this because the next question is – which woman are you more like IN PERSON?


Not in your head – but in real life.


You see we think we appear a certain way to others, but in reality, we have no clue how others see us.  Really, we don’t.  Somehow in our head our self-image and body language is a mixed bag of what we think we are, what we want to be, and a reflection of our life in that moment.  We cannot be objective about how we are portraying ourselves to others. 
The mirror does not, I repeat, does not tell us the whole story. In fact, it can be very misleading indeed. Want proof?


Are you daring enough to get a glimpse of what everyone else sees?


Challenge yourself!

Here’s what to do.  Dress as you normally would if you were meeting someone for business.  Then, I want you to have a pretend 5 minute conversation with a video camera, and capture it.  (And….no watching the screen and looking at yourself while you’re doing it!)  I want you to imagine that you’re meeting a prospective client to introduce yourself, talk about what you do, and to tell them how you can help them.  You’re trying to impress them, but be yourself as you normally would be.

Now, play it back and watch it! 
Are you surprised? 
Do I hear gasps, even?


Were you pleased or did you cringe?


It’s enlightening, and an exercise I think every woman should do.  Because how you communicate, how you hold yourself, and how you are perceived INFLUENCES EVERYTHING!











I can’t wait to hear your comments on this one!  

Your abundance called while you were out looking for it.  This is the message it left for you:


From:  Your Abundance

My dear friend,

When you stop frantically chasing me, when you slow down to look around you; you will find me.

When you believe that you deserve to spend time with me; you will find me.

When you accept yourself in this moment as is – the good, the bad and the ugly; you will find me

When you stop allowing feelings of overwhelm, insecurity and fear keep you paralyzed; you will find me.

When you’re indecisive about what to do; take action, any action and you will find your way to me.

When you appreciate and respect the temple of your soul; you will be nearer to me.

When you give of yourself without the slightest hesitation, with a genuine smile on your face, and love in your heart; you are on your way to me.

When you count your blessings each and every day and earnestly express your gratitude – no matter what your circumstances; you will be close to me.

When you use your God given gifts, dare to dream BIG and follow your life’s calling;  making a difference in the lives of others, and they in turn make a difference in yours;


then my friend…

you have found me.