August 14, 2012 Margie

How to feel more successful.

Isn’t it an awesome thing to be an entrepreneur and do what you love to do?  It’s one of those few times in life when work doesn’t feel like work no matter how many hours you spend, because you’re doing what you’re passionate about!  Like most entrepreneurs, especially in your first year or two, you put a LOT of time into building your business.  You know what to do to get there, but do you know how to feel more successful even when you haven’t hit your stride with your business yet?

1. Check how you measure success.

If money is your main marker for success, then it’s time to get realistic about it.  Most small businesses don’t break even the first year.  Are you anticipating something different?  It takes time to build a business, whether you’re a solopreneur or brick and mortar establishment.  Business is business.

2. Keep your expectations realistic.

It’s become a mainstream to be hit in the face with “get rich quick” marketing, especially geared towards the online entrepreneur.  Hold fast to your gut instinct that if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.  No matter what you’re being fed by advertising about overnight riches, that is the rare exception to the rule.  Success takes a plan, action, consistency and time.  Period.  It takes doing the things you need to do like marketing, networking, developing products/services, more marketing and networking.

3. Don’t let people bring you down.

Those who have never been entrepreneurs have many misconceptions about what it means, and how they view you, your work and your success.  Unfortunately, it’s the often the people you are most counting on for support that might be plagued with these misconceptions.

One of the biggest assumptions is that entrepreneurs are ‘rolling in dough’, and when you’re not, the next assumption is that you’re not successful yet.   In their eyes, no money = hobby, not business.

Also, your efforts are perceived differently when you’re working from home.  It looks like pretty cushy deal – you set your own hours, don’t have to dress up every day, and most likely spend lots of time networking on social media.  The misconception here is that you’re not really working, and that you actually work LESS than you would at a regular job.

Dealing with the judgements of the people I call ‘non-trepreneurs’ (those who don’t “get” entrepreneurship or why you choose to be one), can be a challenge.  There are strategies you can learn to help you cope.

4. Be aware of the slippery slope.

Success begets success, and until you embrace the concept that success comes through the steps you’re taking to reap the financial reward of your work, you can get caught up in the cycle of feeling unsuccessful.

This is a slippery slope because it can build on itself, causing you to lose focus and stamina.  Even worse, it’s a precursor to quitting.  Many very successful people in this world almost quit when their greatest success was only a breath away.  Remember that when you’re feeling discouraged, and keep going.


5. Keep the faith.

Just because you can’t see your greater success, doesn’t mean it’s not in your path.  A champions greatest gift is the ability to never give up.  Be a champion of your business and don’t give up – dig in more when you feel challenged.


When you know how to feel more successful, you open the door to even greater success!

It is that easy, all you have to do is decide!



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